Claire Jones

Executive, business and leadership Coach

About me

  • I am fun loving, authentic, driven, warm-hearted, with a no holds barred commitment to everything I do.
  • I’m British, based in the South of France
  • I have a comprehensive international and intercultural background switching easily from English to French having lived and worked in France for over 20 years
  • I’ve travelled to over 30 countries
  • I am also extremely aware of the internal mechanisms of a company
  • Active member of ICF, International Coach Federation since 2009

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“Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. We are all meant to shine”

Nelson Mandela inaugural address

My clients say about me…

That I enable them :


“to tap into my potential  and act upon it”

“to be more assertive and self-confident and fulfil my roles as a manager”

“Claire’s listening skills and sensitiveness have allowed me to feel more confident. Her coaching style doesn’t put you in a box, it is truly made to measure. She can easily identify your strengths and guides you to highlight your own identity.”


“to better understand others and how to effectively communicate”


“to overcome stress and be calmer and achieve a better work life balance”


“to feel comfortable in my problem solving and conflict resolution”

“to come out of my comfort zone and have a better outlook on a situation”“

“to find solutions and achieve operational results ”

“To be coached by Claire is a real pleasure. On top of her soft skills of being warm and reassuring, her know how is undeniable. She knows how to create a climate of trust with me, bring the necessary confidence and help set me set my own course and objectives. She know how to accompany me so I feel comfortable expressing my issue and analysing it. It makes it even easier when this issue needs to be presented to other colleagues. She also know how to make me grow step by step giving me confidence in my capacity to put actions in place. Finally her follow up guarantees the goals are reached. I’m 100% satisfied with her professionalism and methodology , and would definitely recommend being coached by Claire Jones”


“to comfortably deal with change for me and my team”

“to get my team to develop their potential

“to empower and give autonomy to my team”



3, rue de la Liberté | F-34700 Soumont